Review: The Fourth Piece

Thank you MythicalBatreviews for the fabulous review!


The Fourth Piece
The Fourth Piece by E. Ardell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book was amazing when the review request was submitted the author had me at half alien and oh did she place her money where her mouth was.


The book starts off with an unknown character who we later find out is the fourth and older brother Evan who we do not physically meet until the very end but it was perfectly done.


Next off is Lawrence doing some daredevil stun and almost drowning followed by Lyle the telempath and lastly Devon our little hulk.


As the book progresses our characters get into some deep shizz just because a telepathic message inadvertently sent by Evan the breaking point being a good deed gone wrong from Lawrence but hey everything ends up right at the end or does it?



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