Microsoft Word Sucks!

I used to think I was just MS Word stupid or a jinx, but after doing some net research I have come across many a message board with people ranting and raving about how MS Word sucks.

It is very hard to submit a manuscript in the format an agent asks for when MS Word has trouble even putting the manuscript in normal format.  My documents end up with these huge paragraph sized gaps at the end of the page, because MS word doesn’t want to break up paragraphs, and I end up having the manually drag the ruler down on each page.  I know some sites say: Oh easy fix, take off word wrap, make sure Widows and Orphans is on.  Well it’s off, and it’s on, and MS Word still sucks. 

Now, MS Word has decided that it’s forgotten how to measure margins.  I set it for 1 inch margins on all sides and it gives me insanity.  I am going to have to get a real ruler and stick it up to my monitor to measure my own margins to make sure MS Word is behaving.  I just don’t get it.  There’s nothing like getting 50 pages into a document only to notice… WTF… that margin doesn’t look 1 inch.  Highlight everything, check it, it says it’s one inch… BUT IT’S NOT! 

I miss Word Perfect.  That was my favorite word program, but nowadays they make it MS Word or nothing.  I used to take Word Perfect files and convert them to MS Word, but it ends up putting funny formatting into the document and I’d have to go through and manually edit them.  

Okay, enough of the MS Word rant… but hey, the reason why I’m ranting is because I’m… WRITING.  Yes, that’s right.  I have actually come up with the rationale behind the sequel to my first book, and am ready to outline the plot.  Funny thing about me, I usually get well into the bowels of a piece before I decide to outline, lol.  I know I’m backward, but writing the chapters inspire the outlines for me, not the other way around.  I used to write my papers like that, too.  I never outlined anything, and if teachers required for us to turn in an outline of our papers, I’d take my already written paper and use it to make the outline.

Well, wish me luck. 

Oh, and if the agent that requested my manuscript really only takes a month, then I should be hearing something about if she likes or hates my manuscript soon.  I’ll keep you posted!

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