Hey Guys, Check Out Daddy’s New… Golf Cart???

Okay, I think this is absolutely hilarious.  I’ve been noticing the phenoma for a while.  Every afternoon when driving home, I see a bunch of young teenagers, probably about 14, piled 6 deep in a golf cart, just cruising the sidewalks.  I think, hmm… Well, I suppose when you don’t have a car cruising around in a golf cart could be cool if you’re a kid.  So, I pass them and snicker every day.

Well, on Sunday, there was a charity concert near my apartment.  I walked over to check it out and was nearly mowed down by I swear like 20 golf carts containing teenagers.  All of them decked out in their Abercrombie and Hollister with their big sunglasses, hot hair-dos and mp3 speakers going as they sing along to the music and cruised the sidewalks and parking lots surrounding the concert event.

It was like the “in” thing to show off your golf cart.  I was waiting to see one with rims, and I was just gonna go home if I saw one with a Lexus logo.  As it was, I could hardly wait to get home and laugh.

Now, I know good and well if I was 14, I would be flossing a golf cart, too, or riding in one with my friends thinking I looked cool.  But since I’m not…



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