So, I know I’ve posted before about writing sequels and how much it kind of sucks. The sequel I’m working on now, which is the sequel for the book I signed the publishing contract for ūüôā D :), has had four lives. One of these lives made it to page 220 before I decided the story was going in the wrong direction. The second lived to page 20, before a genius read it and said, “You need to flip-flop the events.” The third had a promising life. It was going smoothly, people in my critique circles loved it….

Then, the publisher accepted my first book and said: “The ending is a little lackluster. Can you spice it up?” So, needless to say, the first book got a new ending which ended the third life of the sequel. Now there were some people who were upset about the third’s brief life and quick death–and hey, I really liked that version of the story too. ¬†But you know what, the fourth life was born about a month ago, and it’s been pouring out of me at rapid speed. It has almost reached 80 pages and, in those 80 pages, the plot has advanced further than 220 pages of the first version of the story. I’m actually in Act II. I’ve never gotten past Act I in the lives of the other sequels. Having to kill that last book is probably the best thing to happen to this story.

So, yeah, I’m having fun writing a sequel. I never thought this would happen, but then I’ve never felt this connected to a sequel either. Maybe it’s because I’m actually pretty comfortable about the events of the first story now, so moving on is something I feel better about doing. That being said, I might get the edits back from the publishing house’s editor that will nicely say: “Write it again!”

We’ll see. I’m so new to this. I’m actually excited to see red marks and wondering how much control I’ll have over the edits if I don’t agree to something. It’ll be interesting and fun.

So… here’s something I promised, some head-shots from my photo shoot a few weeks back. If you noticed, my profile picture has changed. That is head-shot one. Here’s another!

headshot 7

Thanks for reading guys! Happy New Year and take care!



I can start this entry off with more promises of blogging more frequently, but I know I’m lying. I love the idea of having a blog, I love the way it looks, and sometimes, great things happen and I want to blog. I just don’t. It’s like lying on the couch with a bag of snacks staring at your treadmill, thinking: I want to use that thing. But do you? Nah. Requires you to stop doing nothing and be productive, lol. We can’t have that, can we?

Ironic that this post is actually about how productive I’ve been these past few months :). Here are some accomplishments:
1. Had my annual review at work– Got a gold star.
2. My novel was 127,000 words– edited it down to 99,000 words.
3. Started my own weekly writers group through Meet-up– It’s been 6 months and still going strong, and sometimes is Wait-list only.
4. Went to the San Francisco Writers Conference 2015 and rubbed elbows with agents– Four out of five agents said send me that novel (or some of it).
5. After weeks of being a perfectionist (editing like crazy, again)– I sent my manuscript off last night (bye, bye Mommy’s baby, have a good first day of school… **sob**)

So, after Number 5, I wait for responses. I opened up my dusty, agent submission log (started in 2011 and not used since then) where I enter in the queries and manuscripts I send out to agents, looked at my long list of submissions (2 agents) and see that one of the agents I’m sending to this time around is the same agent who gave me my first rejection letter. ¬†It was a nice standard issue form letter that came within a few hours of my submission. I told myself (to make me feel better) that I must have committed a formatting treason and got an auto-reject. The agent couldn’t possibly have read my work that fast and hated it, right? ¬†Haha. Well, years later, I find out that it WAS an auto-reject! (Not that she might not have rejected it anyway, but still… HAHA, I was right!). ¬†Anyways, at the conference, when the agent gave me her card, she said: Make sure you put my super secret code in the subject line or else you’ll get an auto-reject. I don’t read unsolicited manuscripts from new authors unless I meet them at a conference. ¬†I swear I heard the “Patty Mayonnaise” music Doug heard whenever puffy-headed Patty entered the room, when I made the connection. (Oh yeah, I revealed my age right there in that comment. Nick-toons were the best in the 90s.)

So, I’ve got 10 pages in the hand of one agent, and an entire manuscript in the hands of another. ¬†I’m excited, nervous and relieved at the same time. ¬†Excited, because I’m finally submitting, for real. ¬†I’m ready for my 100 rejection letters! Nervous, because “Oh no, it’s baby’s first day at school, what if someone is mean to him or steals his lunch money?” ¬†Relieved, because I did it. ¬†The manuscript is out there. ¬†When people ask if I sent it off yet, I can say “Yes!” ¬†So, now I have to keep myself from checking my e-mail every hour, like a mama checking the nanny-cam. ¬†My logical brain knows that I’m not going to hear anything for weeks, and that if I do hear anything back this soon, it’ll be “BWHAHAHAHA, how dare you send us this crap?” ¬†But knowing all that doesn’t stop me from constantly checking. ¬†I’m even annoying myself with it.

To take my mind off of it, I could do something productive, like write something new. Hey, I could work on revising the sequel to the manuscript I sent off. ¬†That’s a great idea… or I can lie on the couch with a bag of snacks staring at my exercise machine or laptop and think: Man, I should be using that thing. ¬†Couch and snacks sound good, but nah. ¬†Been there, done that. ¬†Maybe I should research some more agents that I haven’t met and get some more submissions sent out. ¬†But my question is, should I wait to hear back from the agents I just sent to? ¬†If they don’t like the manuscript, maybe they might offer some good feedback as to why and I might get some useful edits made according to it. ¬†But then again, what if the things they hated about the book another agent loves? ¬†At times like these, I wish I had Jean Grey’s powers to not just to read a mind, but to change a mind: My baby is the cutest, smartest, most awesome baby in the world. You like him. ¬†You want him. ¬†Lol. ¬†About 50 submissions from now, I’ll be laughing at this entry. ¬†I’m such a newbie, but ah well. ¬†Gotta start sometime, and I’m way past due.

Okay, so I just wanted to get an entry in here and let WordPress know I’m not dead… “just floating”, being lazy, procrastinating, so don’t cancel my subscription–especially since you already took my money for it. I can’t promise when I’ll do another one of these. I always enjoy writing blog entries when I finally get around to doing them, it’s just the “getting around to them” part that’s so hard.

Until next time–and hey, maybe by then I’ll have some interesting news, or good news, or a new place to live, or a new man, or… ¬†Ah, whatever. ¬†Take care!

“I’m not dead… just floating”–Pink, I’m Not Dead.
Mann, B. and Pink. (2006). I’m Not Dead. [Recorded by Pink]. I’m Not Dead [CD]. London, England: Zomba Music Group.

Okay, so I promised you all that I am a super nerd, so here is my proof.  I am going to be a big copy cat and follow the trend of only updating new fan fiction here on my blog.

So, for those of you who have followed me from Fan, here is where you’re going to find the sequels to:

  • I’ll Be Standing There By You (Fruits Basket)
  • Severed (Escaflowne)

And I will also revise, re-post and finish the stories:

  • The Butterfly (Powerpuff Girls)
  • Fall Into the Sky (X-Men Evolution)
  • A Return To Arms (Ronin Warriors/Gundam Wing)
  • Sodality Arc: Ginkotsu (Inuyasha)

I also want to try my hand at stories for:

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Ouran High
  • Prince of Tennis
  • Tekkaman Blade
  • Harry Potter
  • Vampire Diaries (TV show)

Visit: if you’re interested in some of the titles I mentioned.¬† I will warn you that since it is fan fiction, some of the works have not been proofread as carefully as they could have been, and please take into account that some of the stories are very old and do not reflect my current level of writing.¬† But hey, they are all a lot of fun, and I do delve into some controversial issues in some.¬† Well, have at!

There is so much to do!¬† I’m reading this big, thick book known as The Writers Market that lets me know that finishing a book hasn’t even gotten me over the first hurdle.¬† I’ve got the blog, now I need the book trailer, the readings, the PR, and… finally… the agent.¬† After the agent, the game begins.

I’m loading up on carbs and watching my butt grow as I try to figure out how to do all this stuff.¬† Fun stuff, fun stuff, but hey I love it.¬† Now I know why some of my writing teachers say being a serious writer is a full time job.¬† Marry someone to take care of you so you won’t starve trying to follow your dream.

So, hey, I like long walks on the beach (not really), I like to cook and clean (HAHAHAHA, if you believe that go away now), and I’ll work out so my butt won’t be so big after I finish eating up all these carbs!¬† Marry me someone!

Anyways, book trailer up soon!