Query letters…. Okay, so Writers Market gives you a standard cookie cutter format.  Looks good, easy even, but then you think EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM HAS THIS SAME BOOK!  Do agents really want to read the same format over and over?  Maybe they will grab the letter that dared to be different.  OR maybe they will take the letter that dared to be different and say: MUHAHAHAHA! One to burn for not following the rules!

Time to do more query research, unless anybody out there has any advice?  I pay in… uh… let’s see… stale organic chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

I know I sound like a hick, but I will fix it so that I sound more like a nerd in my next statement.  Before this blog, I’ve only had blogs for class.  I know, fun, fun stuff, right?–uh yeah, no.

So, if anyone is reading this or following me, you might know that I fancy myself a writer.  I went and got fancy degrees that say I’m a writer, but they don’t say if I’m any good.  If you ask me, I might say I suck on Wednesday, but I was hot on Tuesday.  I’m biased; so hey, I want to ask you!

This blog is to show people what I’ve been working on FOREVER (okay, so for the past few years).  I finally, finally finished a novel that I am brave enough to share with anyone who wants to read it.  I’m going to be checking in here and letting you all know what I’m doing to get this publishing thing going.  I’ll post rejection letters, YOU SUCK letters, and anything else, along with book trailers and chocolates and pies, and cookies (and now I’m just trying to see if you’re still reading :D!)

Keep up with me and my journey and drop me a line some time.  I love talking to other writers and readers and lurkers, and whoever else is out there!

Take care!