Cartoons are misleading. In cartoons raccoons are cute, and sweet. Now, I know that image can’t be too reflective of real life because those cute, sweet raccoons usually wore clothing. Real raccoons are not cute, are not sweet, are naked…. and are HUGE!  I had a classmate who had a raccoon phobia.  I laughed at him… now I take it back.

I pulled into my apartment after work a night ago. It’s nice and dark and my headlights shine on something strolling across the grass in front of the bushes. I think: Oh, someone’s dog is out. Beady little eyes catch the light and my own eyes widen. It’s a German Shepard-sized raccoon.

I sit in the car, hoping it will go away. Instead, it strolls over to the stairs–the stairs I need to take to get to my apartment. I wait a little longer, then get my stuff out of the car. I peep to see if the racoon is still there, and see that he’s ducked into the bushes… right by the stairs. I creep toward the stairs, stop, eye the raccoon, count to three, and break into a run.


Anyone else here born in the 80’s? You guys remember the Care Bear Cousins? One of my favorite Cousins was Bright Heart Raccoon.

Not A Raccoon

A Raccoon

**Shaking my head**